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Decorative Ribbed Pillar Candles (Pair of 2)

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Our ribbed pillar candles come as a pair of 2 and are hand poured and made from a soy wax. These candles are a timeless design that are the perfect feature for your home.

Available in a variety of colours and with the addition of gold foil.
These are available as scented or unscented. (Please choose from the options and message us with the scent you would like)

Please use a candle holder with a plate to catch melted wax.
There are 2 ribbed candles in each pack.
Burn time approximately 2 - 4 hours
Actual colour may be slightly different with the image.
This product will come with any relevant care and use instructions, cautions and/or warnings – please read carefully before use.

These are perfect display pieces, however if you do chose to light them please be mindful that they can be messy. Unlike traditional dinner candles, our Ribbed Pillar candles are leaky when burning. If the wax is dripping too much, simply blow the candle out and wait until the wax has completely harden before removing and disposing. Remove the wax and dispose before relighting. Trim the wick and relight. This will make the burning time longer.

Due to the handmade nature of this collection and the delivery process, please allow for minor imperfection or frosting.

Waxaroma LDN

Materials / Ingredients

All of our candles are made using vegan-friendly soy wax and paraben free oils.

Candle jars in all sizes are glass. The 180ml Amber includes a sealable black plastic lid.

Tea lights are aluminum, presented in a high-quality black cardboard gift box.


180ml – H 85mm x W 55
300ml – H 90mm x W 78mm
500ml – H 68mm x W 125mm

Care Instructions

The First Burn

When lighting your candle for the first time, burn the candle for 2-4 hours until the wax melts all the way across the entire candle. 

This will prevent tunneling and will create an even burn for the duration of the use of the candle. Fed up of all the wax that gets left in a candle! Using this tip that will prevent that for life, and you will get a full clean burn from your candle.

Trim Your Wicks

We recommend you trim your wick each time before lighting your candle. The wick always needs to be around 1/4 of an inch long. 

Keeping your wick trimmed will ensure mushrooming which can result in soot around your candle jar. It will also ensure your flame is never too big.

You can use scissors for this, or wick trimmers. We have a great candle care kit in our accessory section.

General Safety

When extinguishing your candle, try to not blow it out. This stop the wax splattering and safer for yourself. Use a snuffer to safely put out your candle. 

Always store your candles in a cool, dark and dry place.

Candles and wax melts should always be used and handled carefully. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets. Soy wax however is a safer alternative around your family. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.