Indulgent scents that last a little longer.

At Waxaroma, we know that home fragrances have the power to relax and inspire. It’s the pleasing aromas of jasmine and spiced wood that conjure up a Bali spa, the coconut and vanilla notes that whisk you away to a Seychelles beach. We call it self-care through scent.

We’re a family owned business and we believe in those little moments of joy that come from finding the perfect fragrance. All of our candles and melt bars are made with natural ingredients. That means no toxic paraffin. Just 100% vegan, eco-friendly soy wax.

How we do things

To make our home fragrances, we carefully select our dried botanicals and combine them into luxury blends reminiscent of distant locales and cherished memories. Ingredients like sweet neroli blossoms, fresh bergamot and sumptuous patchouli are picked and paired to lift your mood or help you unwind at the end of a long day. To finish things up, we lovingly hand-pour each of our candles in London to ensure the finest quality.

Since we began this journey, we’ve expanded our collection from scented candles to a larger assortment of home fragrances. Our wax melt bars slowly fill the room with blissful scents, while our reed diffusers and room sprays keep your home smelling just the way you like it. We’ve also introduced decorative candles to add a tasteful finishing touch to coffee tables and bookshelves.

Meet Pam

You could call our founder, Pam, a candle connoisseur. As someone who loves to relax with a scented candle, she always felt let down by expensive fragrances that quickly faded away. That’s when she had the bright idea to launch Waxaroma. Pam started this venture in 2019 with a goal to do things differently. From the powerful, spicy notes of our Dark Honey & Tobacco candles to the fresh, fruity aroma of our Spring Awakening room spray, each and every one of our high quality fragrances is designed to last. Browse our full catalogue to discover your perfect scent.